Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 6: Work it with a new wardrobe

Need some motivation to get yourself to the gym?  Here are a few reasons to get you off the couch and in the move!  Having a few key favorite pieces will help you build a great workout wardrobe as well as a great body.  It'll help you feel good by wearing things that you like!

Start with a good pair of sneakers.  Many athletic shoe stores have knowledgeable staff that help direct you to the right pair.  If running is your thing, they will even observe your gait on a treadmill to help you decide.  

Having comfortable track pants are also important.  Many yoga stores have popped up the past decade that also fill this need.  Not to mention help you transition from your errands to a workout.  

Hint: start your Saturday's off in workout clothes!  You'll be more likely to hit the gym later on in the day!

Need a few other accessories? Get a Fitbit to help you monitor how active you are.  You can even log your calories and compete with your friends!  

Reebok slim fit black pants; RBX patterned pants;  Adidas walking sneakers;  Under Armor "urban uptown" French terry cloth hoodie;  Lulu lemon yoga pants; Adidas love shirt.  

Put together and ready for a work out with an Aerie lace bra.

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