Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 5: The importance of being consistent

Many times we have a good workout day or week and feel like congratulating ourselves.  Which is great of course, we should recognize change in all of its sizes.  But with all these baby steps there is one thing that goes hand-in-hand with it:  consistency.  It's these small acts that are done again and again that become habits and cause real life changes.

There are many times in life where we want to make changes and set a start date.  Sometimes we stop and restart again.  There is no shame in that!  Better to resume again instead of admitting defeat.  Let's remember it's not just one bad meal that makes us obese, and it's not one healthy day that makes us slim. It's all about the trend, and that's why being consistent is something that the earlier you expect and do, the mentally easier your goals will seem achievable!

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