Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 1: Happy New You!

Happy New Year!  

2015 is for many not only the beginning of a new year, but the beginning of new habits, and (hopefully!) the ending of old ones.  Though more than 90% of us will fail at our resolutions, that shouldn't stop us from making them.  Recognizing areas of improvement, and attempting to change is an important step in moving forward, and not just with a new calendar year.  

Since making big changes may be hard, small changes may end up benefitting us more in the long run.  Taking baby steps daily can add up, especially over the course of a year.  Achieving these personal goals can not only improve our physical selves, but also our self esteem and mood.  

Welcome to Day 1 of 365 days.  Everyday something will be posted that could improve your health, or your outlook on life.  It may help you live better, or just perk up a bad day.  It may be products, or DIY projects; travel or reading.  

There are simple things that we do, whether they be rituals or habits, that enrich us.  Sometimes we don't even notice them.  It can mean that you took 15 minutes out of the day to look at the clouds.  Or treat yourself to a home pedicure.  Or enjoy a really good piece of dark chocolate.  These things can be simple, yet very important.  And this is ultimately what life is all about - the simple acts that weave the days that make up our lives.  

So we are going to start off 2015 by doing something really simple, but really important - drinking more water.  Staying hydrated throughout the day can help you look younger, and may even reduce weight.  It really is a win-win situation.  Start with two glasses of water (16 fluid ounces) in the morning right after waking, and two glasses of water before bedtime.  That's 50% of the required 64 ounces already out of the way.  Then make sure you are drinking it at meal times and take it with you wherever you go.  It's an easy habit to start, and such an important one.  

Here's to 2015 with our water glasses in the air!  Cheers!

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