Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 15: What's your style?

On-line you will find a myriad of quizes that will tell you what your personal style is.  This refers to not only your sense of fashion but also your decor, and overall design and aesthetic approach.  I always thought that I was more traditional or classic, with a hint of ethnic.  As it turns out, at least according two Internet quizzes, I am "Whimsical" primarily and "Bohemian" secondarily.  With my flowing peasant shirts and paisley printed bed spreads I knew I was part bohemy, but whimsical?  What does that even mean?  

Since then I've noticed touches of whimsy in my house!  It actually is quite fun and rather spontaneous, for I like to have colorful things around my house that make me happy!  Case in point:  my tea and coffee station that I've recently set up in my kitchen.  In it I have a bright yellow IKEA napkin holder with printed napkins (also from IKEA); set of Christmas mugs from Caribou Coffee I got years ago; and a yellow ceramic egg carton dish that I use for used tea bags and such.  I also have a bouncy stand clock from pottery barn kids.  All these items I bought at separate times in my life, and now they've all converged to display my whimsical style!  

What's your style?

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