Friday, October 30, 2015

Day 301: Apple Cinnamon Water

I am six days into a 30 day detox.  As a part of my detox, I have incorporated two liters of apple cinnamon infused water.  It is super simple to make and is supposed to help cleanse out your system.  I'm not sure if I've seen any effects of it myself, but it tastes good and is a good substitute to juice or ice tea.  

Basically take three apples and slice them as thin as you can.  Put them in a two liter jug along with a cinnamon stick.  Then put it in the fridge and let it "infuse" over night.  Try to finish the entire jug in one day.  After that, drink just plain water.  You can reuse the apples in the cinnamon stick and just refill the water for three days.  

It supposedly is a diuretic, so try to be at home the first day you use it.  It's easy to prepare, and I like the taste of it alongside my breakfast.  It's nice and cool, and has a pleasant sweetness to it in the morning.  Enjoy!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 296: The new trend of coloring books

Since having kids I have rediscovered coloring.  When they open up their coloring books, crayons and markers in hand, I tell myself to enjoy this quiet time for myself,  But it's hard not to join in.  

I'm reminded of how as a kid at the start of the school year I would get the huge box of 64 crayons and attempt to keep them in as pristine condition and unbroken for as long as I could.  Now with my own kids, as they scribble away, I join them by meticulously staying within the lines with their new and pointed colors.  This morning we found a new box, and all four of us started coloring.  Looking at the colors, my husband picked up two nearly identical colors and asked "What's the difference between red-violet and violet-red?"

The repeated strokes have a meditative quality, something that has been picked up as a kind of a trend.  I was walking through a Barnes and noble in Manhattan recently and came across this display filled with coloring books for adults.

Not being able to resist the doodle like flower and leaf patterns, I bought the Secret Garden book, and also a set of 20 coloring pencils from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I'm sure any other artists coloring pencils would do, but I just couldn't resist the uniquely packaged roll in the museum gift shops.  I also got a kick out of the fact that I'd be able to use my Liberty Bell pencil sharpener again (it's the little things).  

It's hard not to get swept away by coloring.  It really is the perfect rainy day activity for moms and kids.  And dads too.  

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day 294: Going Green for breakfast

Do you know what a heavenly breakfast is for me?  Okay, well maybe occasionally, especially on Sunday mornings, it's brioche French toast with amazingly good coffee, preferably in bed.  But on a typical Thursday like today, it's egg and avocado.  The union is, for lack of a better word, perfect.

This morning I shredded some spinach along with some emmental cheese.  Sometimes I use Guyere - I prefer these smokey and nutty cheeses, they really add flavor and go well with the avocado.  I added these ingredients to one egg to make an omelet.  I then sliced avocado to put on top.  Along with a green tea, and cup of fresh organic blueberries, it was a healthy and "green" start to my day!

Ps.  The day after I snapped this picture my husband made cornbread for breakfast.  I put my avocado and omelet on top of the cornbread.  A little bit more indulgent, but I loved the combination of the sweet and savory.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 286: For the love of Chloé, and a good crossbody

As a busy mom about town, I have always been drawn to a good crossbody.  On our recent trip to Paris I was able to escape my family, and the hustle and bustle of the Champs-Élysées, for a few moments to see some of my Chloé favorites at their flagship store located on avenue Montaigne.  

Upon entering I was greeted by their Fall-Winter 2015 Ready-to-wear collection.  Long flowing blouses and dresses, coupled with tailored jackets and slacks blend a classic masculine edge with a post modern feminine feel.  With current head designer Clare Waight Keller at the helm, this 63 year old design house continues it’s fresh look on the casual yet elegant female figure.  

Egyptian born founder Gaby Aghion was responsible for coining the phrase ‘pret-a-porter’ (ready-to-wear).  After lamenting that couture fittings take too long, Aghion revolutionized Parisian high fashion - and the way we shop today - by offering her clients pieces that were ready made.  With continued guidance in the past few decades by fashion powerhouses, such as Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney, ‘la maison’ Chloé has been known for their fresh and youthful take on the stylish bohemian woman.

At their flagship store in Paris you will find a large selection of pieces.  The latest collection in store is a classic mix of hard and soft.  A vertical line of buttons outlining a delicate sash neck tie; rounded bubble sleeves and ruffles on tailored, rich fabrics; wools and tweeds framing soft chiffons and silks.  The handbags and jewelry also reflect this juxtaposition of the hard and soft with supple leathers bound by gold hardware, and draping necklaces with sharp shapes next to threaded tassels.  

The 'Marcie' in a medium crossbody.

I was particularly drawn to the 'Marcie' medium leather crossbody bag. It's soft pebble leather, with brushed gold hardware, and saddle shape gives it an equestrian feel, taking me back to my riding days. For seasons I had flirted with this bag, and today on this crisp Parisian Fall day, I was ready to take it home.  

After going through all the colors (and there are a lot!) I went with the blush nude.  This soft pink color is so versatile, I can use it with my Summer or Winter wardrobes.  It can also be worn to formal events or more casual daily outings.  The ‘Marcie’ keeps it’s shape well and is spacious, yet not too deep interiorly.  A crossbody has that grab-and-go quality that moms like me can’t resist.  Another crossbody that caught my eye was the ‘Drew’ which is slightly more formal with bright yellow gold hardware.

The 'Drew' in a few of its colors

As I walked out of the store and on to avenue Montaigne with my new purchase packed and slung across my shoulder, I saw my family waiting for me.  I put the shopping bag around the handle of the double stroller, and happily resumed my perfectly Parisian Fall day.

Chloé Montaigne
44 avenue Montaigne
Hours:  Monday to Saturday, 10:30 am to 7 pm
Contact: +33 1 4723 0008

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 280: Curry'd carrots

In an effort to "veg up" my dinners, I once again turned to my favorite vegetable.  These roasted curried carrots were so easy to put together, and so delicious!  I honestly could snack on these instead of popcorn or chips when I get the midnight munchies.  

I took 4 carrots, peeled them, and sliced them.  Next, I coated them with olive oil, sea salt and fresh black pepper.  Then, I lightly sprinkled some curry powder.  (Note that this is the generic curry powder that you get in the spice aisle!)  After that I lined a toaster oven pan with foil, poured the carrot mixture and spread out all the carrot pieces so that they were laid out.*  I have a Breville toaster oven which I just love to use to easily roast or broil veggies.  For these carrots, I set it at broil on the top shelf at a temperature of 400 degrees fahrenheit.  After about 15 minutes, I was left with awesomely roasted carrots that were so soft and tasty that even my teething 18-month approved.  

Carrots: my all-time favorite vegetable

*On a side note, don't you just love the color of carrots?  The hue is such a deep and rich orange that you can taste the curry even before putting it in your mouth!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 276: Finding your red lip

A while back I walked into Saks Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan.  My mission: to find the perfect red lipstick.  I was initially making a beeline for the Chanel counter, but I was side tracked by the Bobbi Brown shades.  I tried on Hollywood Red I and though I'm more of a chapstick and lip gloss gal, I loved it.  I told the girl at the counter that I wanted to walk around with it first to see how I liked it.  I walked straight over to the Chanel counter to peruse what else the first floor of Saks had to offer.  The girl behind the Chanel counter told me to not even bother.  That the shade I had on from Bobbi Brown was the one.

So I ended up buying it.  The bigger surprise?  I actually wear it.  It takes some skill to apply, and I need to be careful when eating, but I really do love wearing it.  Who knew a former chapstick gal could wear a red lip so well?