Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day 294: Going Green for breakfast

Do you know what a heavenly breakfast is for me?  Okay, well maybe occasionally, especially on Sunday mornings, it's brioche French toast with amazingly good coffee, preferably in bed.  But on a typical Thursday like today, it's egg and avocado.  The union is, for lack of a better word, perfect.

This morning I shredded some spinach along with some emmental cheese.  Sometimes I use Guyere - I prefer these smokey and nutty cheeses, they really add flavor and go well with the avocado.  I added these ingredients to one egg to make an omelet.  I then sliced avocado to put on top.  Along with a green tea, and cup of fresh organic blueberries, it was a healthy and "green" start to my day!

Ps.  The day after I snapped this picture my husband made cornbread for breakfast.  I put my avocado and omelet on top of the cornbread.  A little bit more indulgent, but I loved the combination of the sweet and savory.

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