Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 276: Finding your red lip

A while back I walked into Saks Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan.  My mission: to find the perfect red lipstick.  I was initially making a beeline for the Chanel counter, but I was side tracked by the Bobbi Brown shades.  I tried on Hollywood Red I and though I'm more of a chapstick and lip gloss gal, I loved it.  I told the girl at the counter that I wanted to walk around with it first to see how I liked it.  I walked straight over to the Chanel counter to peruse what else the first floor of Saks had to offer.  The girl behind the Chanel counter told me to not even bother.  That the shade I had on from Bobbi Brown was the one.

So I ended up buying it.  The bigger surprise?  I actually wear it.  It takes some skill to apply, and I need to be careful when eating, but I really do love wearing it.  Who knew a former chapstick gal could wear a red lip so well?

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