Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Day 315: Turning a Tazo tea tin into a crayola tin

I had finished my tin of Tazo gingerly jasmine green tea, and I couldn't bear to throw away (or recycle) the tin.  I kept it in the back of the cupboard thinking what can I do with this?  At the same time, I was getting tired of storing all of my kids crayons in a Ziploc bag.  It just looked really untidy, and was getting hard to manage.

Solution?  Use the tea tin for the crayons!  It was the perfect size and with a quick refurbishing, it was did a good job of occupying by toddler as he repeatedly dumped all the crayons out, and put them back in.

You will need:  Tazo tea tin, glue stick, construction paper, scissors.

1.  Clean off the tin, trying to get the adhesive off of the top (this is probably the most difficult and least fun part of the whole process).

 2.  Measure out a piece of construction paper, cut it, and apply glue from a glue stick to one side.  Also apply the glue to the sides of the tin, especially on the corners.  

3.  Firmly apply the paper around the tin.  Make sure to seal the edge.  We know how little toddler hands like to explore every nook and cranny looking for an edge to pull on and rip.

This was fairly easy DIY project and took me less than five minutes to do.  Another advantage to this is if the paper rips off or gets too full of doodles, I can easily replace it with another piece of construction paper.  You can get more creative with stickers, and ribbons.  I kept it simple.  It came out so well, the next time I have this tin, I might just use a decorative paper and keep it for myself!  It would be a handy place to put hair ties, lip balms, or other small items.

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