Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day 20: New workout clothes for a New You!

So I have a confession to make. It is Day 20 of the new year and I still haven't been to the gym yet. This very unlike me! I usually hit the gym really hard the beginning of the year, and it counteracts all the poor food decisions of the previous month. Maybe I'm still recovering from the holidays, but this week I have no excuses.  

You want to know why? Because I just got a new workout wardrobe!  

I just couldn't resist a sale, and with it I got enough fun pieces to ensure that I go to the gym more than once a week. Sometimes you just need that extra push, that extra motivation like a workout buddy, a new playlist you can't stop listening to, or some light as air printed leggings from Reebok and Addidas.  

Need something more casual yet warm to wear when you run outside? Try a pastel colored retro Addidas sweatpants. Pair these bottoms with a few coordinating tees, along with a geometric Puma sports bra, and you're "Ready ta ga!"

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! I really liked the workout leggings in the picture. I have also started to work out and it has been days that I am shopping for comfortable and good-looking clothes for the gym. It is very important to look attractive and impressive, it builds up the inner confidence.