Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 181: Travel jewelry

When I travel, I like to keep my wardrobe (for the most part) color coordinated.  Meaning I'll stick to mainly neutrals with a few accent pieces and accessories.  I do the same with my jewelry.  I believe that just as much as your clothes and shoes are important to pick appropriately for trips, so are your purses, scarves and jewelry.

For a recent trip, I decided to go with a gold theme of mainly fun, but wear-with-anything pieces.  I call it my "Mall Collection."  They are just simple pieces from the mall and they are all in the color (not material!) gold.  Now I'm a fan of good quality jewelry, but I was going on a touristy family vacation where I was not going to be going out to swanky parties, or posh lounges.  I believed my Mall Collection would be sufficient, and I was right!

It included:  a glass stoned and satin weaved bracelet from The Limited; bell earrings from J.Crew that I got on sale around Christmas time; a bar ring from Pull & Bear (it came as a set of four stackable rings, but I opted to only take one); a $10 bird necklace from H&M that I always get many compliments on; and a monogrammed necklace from Urban Outfitters which is probably the most expensive but cheaply made piece which goes to show you a high price tag doesn't necessarily mean quality!

I put them in a convenient burlap bag I got with a ring I ordered online from Giles and Brother.  I have a jewelry roll I usually use, but it's nice to change things up a bit!  These were the perfect accents to my casual American Boho style as I toured Central Europe.

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